Cleanrooms & High-Hygiene Rooms

Stay pollutant-free down to the last 0.3 micron. 

Cleanroom & High-Hygiene Room Solutions

Introduction to Cleanrooms & High-Hygiene Rooms 

Cleanrooms are contained spaces used to manufacture products or perform research where air pollutants can adversely affect the process. They require control over the level of contamination and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. HEPA filters limit the circulation of stale air and trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. The average urban environment contains 35,000,000 particles the size of 0.5 microns per cubic metres.

How Amaircare Can Help with Cleanrooms & High-Hygiene Rooms 

Amaircare provides several cleanroom application solutions. We offer HEPA based equipment for rooms across a variety of industries, including food storage, and associate with independent contractors specializing in installations and solutions.

Over 20 Years Of Cleanroom & High-Hygiene Room Expertise

Since 1994, Amaircare’s HEPA Clean Air Products have provided high performing air filtration solutions for industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Owned and operated in Mississauga, Ontario, we manufacture industry-leading air filtration solutions; with a focus on efficient air pollutant removal and exceeding industry and governmental safety regulations ensuring the cleanest air possible. Amaircare Service Professionals find solutions for your business that make your work environment clean, safe, and pollutant-free.

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