Custom Solutions

Clean Air Solutions Through Custom Engineering

If you have a complicated pollution problem where chemicals, biologicals or particulates pose a challenge, let us engineer a custom cost-effective solution employing Amaircare expertise, componentry and systems.


Amaircare has a 20 year portfolio of custom air treatment solutions and projects diverse in scope, competency and scale.  We offer highly adaptable equipment design and production capability to react to your needs and specification.  Amaircare combines proprietary technologies with flexible components to create the highest of quality and performance solutions with air flow options between 20 CFM and 10,000 CFM.

Over the years, Amaircare products have provided tailored solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

  • protection of employees in industrial plants and workspace
  • controlling ambient biologicals in food processing
  • reduction of emissions in receiving areas
  • process control of emissions reducing or eliminating the need to exhaust
  • creating a safe environment for medical patients with reduced immune systems after cancer treatment
  • protection of medical practitioners dealing with airborne pathogens, such as: the SARS outbreak in Toronto, 2003

Amaircare will develop the solution you need for adhering to workplace health and safety regulations, maintaining output performance and improving environmental quality for employees and clients.  To get started, send us your case particulars by filling out the form below or contact us at or 1.800.268.7732 to discuss your challenges.

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