PerfectSeal Technology

The ultimate  air scrubber sealing system.

How PerfectSeal Ensures Unrivaled Air Quality 

Traditional air filtration systems are equipped with a filter system where the filter simply butts up against the top, bottom or side of a lid.

This method of securing the filter to the unit creates many different risks that can compromise the quality of filtration being provided by the unit, including:

  • The o-ring can easily be installed improperly leading to air leakage.
  • The seal can be broken if the o-ring is improperly stalled, is damaged or was not fastened 100% perfectly to the rest of the unit.
  • Leaks in the seal mean that air that flows through these sections will bypass the filter and be entered back into the open environment having not been filtered at all.


The PerfectSeal technology is a threaded system that works similar to the way a jar lid works. Because it tightens in so uniformly, it has the following benefits over most traditional filters:

  • Extremely easy to ensure perfect filter replacement meaning that we can almost guarantee the results of the product.
  • Overall the replacement process is simpler, easier and much less prone to error.
  • The mechanism ensures that the unit is working up to HEPA standards at all times.
  • The actual filter replacement process is extremely quick and easy – it can be done in around 10 seconds whereas most traditional setups can be 7+ minutes.

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