Commercial & Industrial Air Scrubbers

Eradicate fumes & odours in commercial and industrial spaces.

Browse our full line of industrial & commercial HEPA air scrubbers below. Big or small, we’ve got a model to fit your needs.

Working in an environment where fumes and smell reduction are an issue? Our portable commercial air scrubbers below work quickly and efficiently to remove fumes, chemicals, smells and dirty air from commercial and industrial spaces. Provide your employees, your clients, and most importantly – yourself – with a clean, pure work environment.

Amaircare 6000V Cart

Filter air pollution from areas up to 36,000 cubic feet with this portable air scrubber.

  • Steel tube cart & heavy duty tires.
  • Removable IEC power cord.
  • Available canister upgrades for special applications.
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Amaircare 7500 Cart

Reduce the presence of air pollution in spaces up to 60,000 cubic with the Amaircare 7500 Cart.

  • Front swivel wheels.
  • Safety mesh covers over outflow ports.
  • Made in Canada and covered by a 5-year limited warranty.
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Amaircare 4000 VOC Chem

Crafted in and manufactured in Canada specifically for situations that require extreme VOC removal.

  • Standard washable Prefilter.
  • Ultra VOC Canister.
  • Bottom clean air outflow on four of six sides.
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Amaircare Fume Extractor

The Airwash Fume extractor is designed to capture chemicals and fumes at the source.

  • Easy to remove intake hood
  • Heavy duty aluminum mesh prefilter on intake
  • Convenient carrying handle 
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