Air Scrubbers

Use Amaircare Air Scrubbers to purify any environment.

Air Scrubbers

For more than 20 years we have manufactured Portable Air Scrubbers for use in mold remediation and abatement, disaster restorations and variety of other commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

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What is an Air Scrubber? 

It might sound funny, but an Air Scrubber does exactly what is sounds like – it scrubs the air! In situations where air has been contaminated, air scrubbers work to remove particles, chemicals and gasses from the air in a given area.

When one of our portable air scrubbers is set up in a contaminated room, it simply draws in the air surrounding it, runs it through a series of filters that remove contaminants, and then deploys the clean air back into that same area. With prolonged use, all air in the area is run through the air scrubber and contaminants are effectively reduced and/or removed.

Is an Air Scrubber the Same as a Negative Air Machine?

People often use the terms ‘Air Scrubber’ and ‘Negative Air Machine’ as if they are one and the same, however Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines actually operate in different ways.

First, the similarities. Each of the two function in a similar fashion wherein air enters through one side of the machine, is run through one or multiple filters, and is then discharged out the other side. Both also operate with the goal of removing potentially harmful gasses, chemicals and particulate from an area.

Where the two differ is in the approach that they use to circulate the air through the machine. With an air scrubber – most are portable – the unit can simply be placed in the middle of the key area and over time the air in the room will cycle through the machine and eliminate these potentially harmful particulate.

In contrast, a Negative Air Machine uses a sealed compartment and a series of ducts to move air from a sealed space, through the ducting, through the filter, and out into another space.

Negative Air Machines will often be used in more severe situations where it is essential that the contaminated air be contained and prevented from spreading. As a result, Negative Air Machines produce a significantly more controlled outcome, however they also require more setup, increased cost and more time to administrate overall.

Using Air Scrubbers For Negative Air Machines

Perhaps most confusing of all, Air Scrubbers are often used as Negative Air Machines. All that is required to do this is to use a properly sealed Air Scrubber like our AirWash MultiPro Air Scrubber, and connect it to a ducting system that can control the inflow and outflow of air into and out of the machine.

Below are our line of commercial Air Filtration System and Air Scrubbers that are widely used by contractors when trying to reduce air contamination during mold remediation and abatement, disaster restoration, and more.

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