Roomaid Mini Portable Air Filtration System

PAUSED IN PRODUCTION                                       Colourful HEPA filtration designed for the nursery. Easily travels in the car with the Auto Adaptor Kit. 3 stage filtration: foam prefilter, HEPA filter and Formaldezorb VOC filter. Low energy consumption. High and Low speeds allow for easy airflow adjustment. Filter replacement is simple with the snap on design. 

Product Features

Compact & Lightweight 

The small but powerful unit fits neatly on a tabletop or shelf and weighs only 4.4 lbs for easy transportation. 

Energy Efficient 

The Roomaid Mini consumes only 5 Watts in energy and easily plugs into a AC wall port or a 12V DC car outlet.

Snap-On Filter Housing 

The Roomaid Series features easy to use filter changing technology that allows the main filter cartridge to pop off and on. 

3-Stage Filtration 

Captures large particulate with the first stage prefilter, harmful and irritating particulate with the second stage HEPA filter and chemical/gas pollution with the third stage VOC Canister filter. 

Enhanced VOC Canister Filter 

Comes standard with 200g of granular activated carbon for extra chemical and gas capturing capability. 

Steel Construction, Thermoset Powder Finish

Durable, long lasting housing that doesn’t off-gas chemicals, true to the integrity of providing clean air.


Product Specifications

Maximum Recommended Room Size:
250 ft (8' ceilings)
12 to 32 CFM
Power Consumption:
25 W (MAX)
8.5"D x 6.1875"H
4.4 lbs
2 Speed:
3 Position Switch Control
24 gauge steel housing, durable powder coated finish
Part Number Blue:
Part Number Green:
Part Number Pink:
Part Number Orange: