VOC Ultra Kit

Product Features

For Model: 6000V Cart, 7000 Cart, IS5000, IS5000 Cart, 4000 VOC Chem

Item Number:  94-A-1602-UL

Kit Includes:

1x Stage One Filter: 1/8″ Foam Prefilter
1x Stage Three Filter: Granulated Carbon pellets encased in steel mesh canister (each: 9475 g = 10,422,500 m2 adsorption surface area)
1x replacement Oring/gasket

Filter Change Schedule

First Stage Foam Prefilter Check every three months, vacuum or hand wash. Replace every year.
Second Stage HEPA Cartridge Check every 2 years. Replace when outside surface of media is dark in colour.
Third Stage VOC Canister Replace every year or when there is a noticeable increase of odours.