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Lung Development Issues in Children

Lung Development Issues in Children

2020 Oct 1st

The University of Southern California conducted breath tests on students all over to discover how healthy they were and collected data on family histories to discover how the air was impacting them. The children did surveys on everything from family members smoking at home, having pets and how often they exercised. Scientist, Ed Avol, conducted research into the air pollution in L.A. by having volunteers exercise in rooms with pollution pumped in. Their team made sure to keep the pollution levels the same as what people would experience outdoors working out. The team of researchers would then monitor the volunteers while they were exercising and made notes on all incidents of coughing, red watery eyes, and shortness of breath occurrences. The scientists in the team discovered that the smog that impacted L.A. had an immediate effect on the people that were breathing it in. It varied from some discomfort to serious medical issues like asthma, lungs getting inflamed and emergency room visits. These are issues that residents are facing outside of the home but without proper indoor air purification, these issues will just continue to worsen and there will not be any relief from them. Using an air purification unit would significantly improve the conditions indoors.